MCR21 Work in Progress

This picture was taken before the work started.  MCR21 has had little maintenance for many years and with the formation of the BTTT it’s going to start a transformation into it’s new life.

MCR21 work party enjoying a well deserved cuppa!

From left to right:-
Paul Read
John Stevens
Nick Gilbey
Jeremy Owen
Brian Summers

In the foreground is the rear view of the original  production desk. (zone 3) This will be removed for safe keeping and re-installation.

The monitor stack before removal

During it’s long life MCR21 had numerous upgrades and refits, this is the last one which will be removed to allow the original monitor stack to be recreated.

The colour equipment 19" racks

All of this later colour equipment is not original and needs removing, racks and all.

In a way it was quite sad to remove all this equipment from an earlier time but MCR21’s future is to be as close as original as can be achieved.

Clearing the front area

The monitor stack (zone 2) has been removed and work is well underway clearing the equipment and racks in the front area. (zone 1)


All equipment gone!



Work on the outside of MCR21

There are some 9 lockers and technical tailboards around the outside most need work to a varying degree and here we are working on the AVR locker (on the left) and the air-conditioning locker (rear)


On the move at last, but not under it's own power

My Discovery had to work quite hard to pull it up the slope, I like Discovery’s and they do come in useful!


MCR21 on the low loader

Ready to go off to Chiltern Automotive for restoration work.

The students from Royal Holloway University recorded the work on MCR21 and it’s departure to the vehicle restorers.