Built in 1963 to a BBC specification MCR21 is the oldest and most complete
Outside Broadcast van

This project is to restore it to it’s original “as new” condition and to bring to life how OB’s were made in the ’60s and to ensure it’s survival for another 55 years!

We have set up a charitable trust, a CIO, to give long term stability to MCR21 and other associated Television Equipment.

Our trust, the Broadcast Television Technology Trust or BTTT was formed on 25 July 2018 and is a registered charity number 1179333.

We have 4 trustees:-  Brian Summers, Nick Gilbey, Jeremy Owen and John Trenouth. The trustees are experienced television engineers, producers and historians who bring their skills to the project.

The objects of the CIO are:

The advancement of education for the public benefit in the technologies, techniques and equipment used to produce television programs in particular but not exclusively by:

1. The preservation, restoration and exhibition of historic broadcast television equipment along with any associated equipment, documentation, recordings and images.

2. Facilitating and encouraging the interest of the public and the study and appreciation for educational purposes, particularly of young people, in the technology that has been used and developed, since the advent of television, to produce television programmes by electronic means.

3. Recording and documenting the development and history of television technology and its associated equipment and the memories of the people who worked with it.

MCR21 in original colours
A BBC “Main Fleet” MCR in original colours early in it’s career.