These pictures were taken at Pye's factory during construction.

The sound and vision mixers (zone 3)

On the left is the Engineering managers desk, the 20 channel sound mixer, the 10 channel vision mixer and to the right the producers secretary’s  desk.

The Monitor Stack (zone 2)

4 x 14 inch monitors for the cameras, 2 preview monitors for the vision supervisor and the vision mixer. In the centre is the 17 inch transmission monitor.  Of note directly above it is the optical Peak Program Meter (PPM)

The vision engineers control desks (Zone 2)

In the centre is the Tektronix oscilloscope used as the master waveform monitor, to both sides are the 4 Operational Control Panels (OCP) for the Pye Mk6 cameras. To the left is the vision supervisors control panel.

The rear of the monitor stack (zone 2)

This jumble of wires shows the connections to the picture and the waveform monitors. At the bottom are the 4 camera power supply units with a space for a fifth one if needed. In the bottom left, one corner of the manual mains voltage regulator can be seen.

This is the equipment area (zone 1)

Most prominent is the mains distribution panel with the 4 Camera Control Units (CCU) behind. Below are the Sync Pulse Generators (SPG), the Distribution Amplifiers, test signal generators and the audio tape recorder.
This picture and the previous one were taken through the open offside door.