There is much equipment to be found:-

Master Wants List pdf.

Pulse & Bar Generator Unit

Pulse & Bar Generator fixing plate AG21969

Preview Selector Unit 842699/00 for Tektronix Oscilloscope

S.P.G. #2 Ferguson WG/63

S.P.G. Changeover Unit 844531/00

Sync. Coincidence Detector 844132/01

Radio Mic. Receivers 1 and 2 Eddystone/B.B.C. HR20A/7 x2

Radio Mic. Receiver assembly AG2l970

Waveform Monitor Fixing plate AG21966 x6

fixing plate AG21967 x2

Monitor Indicator Unit (Eng. P/V) 844563/02

Monitor Indicator Unit (Prod P/V) 844563/01

Monitor Indicator Unit (Line) 844563/00

Field Phase and Locking Unit 845704

Waveform Processing Unit 842453/00

Manual Voltage Regulator

Tape Console Philips EL3503

Tape Recording/ Reproducing 844573/00 (Supplied with M.C.R. Console 4013/01 only)

BBC Units

Distribution Amplifier Outfit B.B.C. OT1/502 Portable case CH1/13E (10 slots)

AM4/507 x2, = 0dB 3 o/p

AM4/508 x6 = +6dB connections on back panel

Test Generator Outfit B.B.C. OT1/503 Portable case CH1/13F (12 slots)

GE4/508A, 625L = pluge CH1/12D slots = 4

GE4/508 405L = pluge CH1/12D slots = 4

GE1/508A, 405/625 = Bar & Sawtooth CH1/12B slots = 2

PS2/12, 2x12v for GE1/508A CH1/12A slots = 1

AM4/507 DA9 bar & sawtooth output CH1/12A slots = 1

Matrix complete unit needs making but includes:-

AM4/507 x 5 DA 3 outputs

Waveform processing unit 842453/00 to be made, includes:-

GE2/502 Sampling Pulse Generator confirmed ID have

AM3/501 Error signal amplifier confirmed ID have

AM18/502 Stabilising amplifier confirmed ID need

Waveform Monitor (Prod P/V) MN6/501 no meter needed.

JF3/502 x2, 14way with test musa plug. Recessed Pan type chassis

Smaller oddments

As part of the vision control desks there are 3 x 16 way push-button switches that use a unique perspex Pye button!  It seems unlikely that the correct switches will be found but maybe the buttons can be found (48) see picture

Another item for outside use is the correct commentators monitor, a nasty thing made by EMI to a BBC spec! it was or purported to be waterproof.

 Two of these Eddystone radio Microphone receivers are needed.

A number of these unique “Pye” control knobs are needed in grey or black.

Anything “Pye” from the early 1960s is of interest.

Please view the master wants PDF for a full list.  Thanks